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For Sale
Apartment, 2 bedrooms
Cyprus, Larnaca, Larnaca center

Price on asking

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For Sale
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Cyprus, Larnaca, Larnaca center, Armenikis Ekklisias
Price on asking

The building is comprised of 5 floors and a ground floor

  • The ground floor is used for shops
  • The 1st – 5th floor consists of flats (two two-bedroom apartments on each floor).

Structural specifications

Frame: The building frame is made out of reinforced concrete.

The walls: Externally brick walls of 200 mm thickness. The internal walls are 100 mm thick. Both external and internal walls are going to be plastered with 2 coasts of plaster.


Living Room: Floors will be laid with ceramic tiles of purchase value €50.00/m2.

Kitchen – Bathroom: Floors will be laid with ceramic tiles of purchase value €50.00/m2.

Bedrooms: Floors are covered with ceramic tiles of purchase value €50.00/m2.

Verandas: Floors will be laid with ceramic tiles of purchase value €25.00/m2.

Building Entrance: Floors will be laid with marble tiles (purchasing value of €35.00/m2) or stone.

Internal finishes: Three coasts of emulsion paint for the walls and the ceilings.

External finishes: Special exterior sandex paint will be used or as architects instructions.

Kitchen and Bathroom walls: Walls between kitchen cupboards and bathroom walls will be faced with ceramic tiles of purchase value €25.00/m2.

Sanitary Ware: Sanitary ware, kitchen sink, mixers and towel rails of purchase value of not more than 1000 per flat. All equipment will be of European origin. Shower screens are not included.

Plumbing: Water tank of capacity adequate to supply each flat with 1 ton of water. Hot water is supplied via hot water distributor and electrical heating system for each flat.

Mechanical works: Provision works (i.e piping, wiring, draining pipes) for air condition units in each closed space for each flat. A/C provision for each room.

Electrical works: Complete electrical installation as per drawings and according to EAC regulations. First quality door-phones for each flat Telephone and TV outlets in designated points lighting in common and external areas A/C provision for each room.

Metal works: Metal and glass railings as drawings to verandas and staircase.

Aluminium works: Anodized aluminium windows and doors with double glazing.

False ceiling in all apt areas with spot lights and hidden lighting as per drawings.

Wood works: External flat doors will be made of a varnished hardwood with oak plywood finish or plain white colour finish, approved by the fire department of purchase value €330.

Internal doors will be made of a softwood frame and ply wood with white colour finish, of purchase value €210.

Kitchen benches and cupboards will be ready made German, Greek or Italian Kitchens of purchase value €180 per square meter.

Bedroom closets will be made melamine sheets with oak or white finish of purchase value €150 per square meter. All internal finishes of cupboards and closets will be from melamine with colour of your choice.

Lift: Luxurious lift of capacity up to 4 persons with alarm emergency system and phone.

Other: Windows sills will be of marble or stone. A 4 mm Polyester waterproof membrane will be laid on the roof and verandas for waterproofing. Individual letterboxes, one for each flat and an announcement board will be placed in the entrance.

Other External work: External works involve site levelling and landscaping according to the relevant plans.









Number of bedrooms:
5 floor of 5 total
Total square:
120 m2
Sea view
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