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About us

Our firm was established in 1977 by Mr. Sotos Kyriacou and was joined in 1994 by Mr. Kypros Kyriakides. The company itself, KYPROS KYRIAKIDES REAL ESTATES was established in its present form in 1994. Our company is now active in all the Real Estate activities and Chartered Surveying Practice. Our main offices are in Nicosia while we have associates throughout Cyprus and our activities cover the whole island.

We have a broad spectrum of clientele, ranging from large development companies, to auditors and law firms, embassies, off shore companies and of course private individuals.

Our company operates primarily in –

Acquisitions, Sales, Rentals of properties

Real Estate Valuations and Feasibility Studies

Portfolio Management

Marketing / Promotion of Real Estate

Research for any real estate asset relating to its physical and legal status

Transfers, tax exemptions and assistance to identify loan with the best terms

At KYPROS KYRIAKIDES REAL ESTATES we aim to secure the best investment opportunity for our client by:

Matching your needs with the right property through a broad variety of options

Carrying out legal searches of properties to ensure a clean title with no legal or other problems

Ensuring full support at the beginning, during and after purchase and sales services

Why Us???

Because our 40 years of experience in the field guarantees a full knowledge of the market and the best opportunities

Because our excellent track record is based on strong professional ethics and a reputation for integrity and quality of service

Because our primary target is the satisfaction of our client in order to establish a long term and mutually beneficial relationship

We believe that the only thing that is constant is change. We are continuously adapting our services to meet industry shifts and to ensure that our clients stay ahead of the curve

Because you are at the right place!!

We strive to be professional, efficient, down-to-earth, and most importantly, understanding



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